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We Indian Sales Syndicate- Proudly Made in India LED Light Manufacturing company. It’s a quality and innovation pioneer in the lighting business. Working with respectability and the entire fulfillment from the initial starting point of the task to well past the establishment are our primary responsibilities. Indian Sales Syndicate is in charge of making the whole establishment of the LED lighting industry, continually advancing the principles by foreknowing the eventual fate of light. We keep on being pioneers, setting the bar for what a superior brand LED lights manufacturer ought to be. 
Indian Sales Syndicate has been incorporated as a partnership established in the year 2009 and appointed as the authorized distributor of the HPL metering division. Shri. Mukesh Jethwani, Shri. Bhagwan Jethwani and Shri. Ravi Bhansali partners in the establishment. Indian Sales Syndicate started the LED Manufacturing business to make a new perpendicular of its business under the Proudly Make in India Initiative. 

Our Core.Values.

Our company and its success are based on the following core values.

In every aspect of our work and in our promises to our customers, stakeholders, suppliers, and partners, we are committed to Integrity, Credibility, and Ethics.


We strive to develop products that are cost-effective, effective, and of superior quality, with a primary focus on research and development.

Our People

Our people are our most important asset, and we love making a workplace where they feel valued, empowered, and motivated to perform at their best.


We hold the Japanese concept of kaizen, or continuous improvement, in the highest regard. In terms of quality, excellence, delivery, and customer satisfaction, we will constantly strive to raise the bar.


In order to take advantage of new opportunities, we will remain adaptable and flexible in the face of the shifting business environment.

Our. Mission.

We are a leading LED light manufacturer mission dedicated to providing complete LED lighting systems and solutions that offer opportunities to facilitate human activity. Our mission is to use the maximum component made in India for our led lights production.

Our. Vision.

Our goal is to help guide our customers in order to create outdoor lighting solutions that ensure higher quality on a daily basis. We have pursued our passion for development and have ensured a higher quality of life by offering innovative lighting solutions.

As a leading LED light manufacturer, we specialize in providing smart lighting systems and vision lights to workspaces and public areas. Our mission is to foster potential and preferred value through research, design, and production implementation of interior universal LED solutions. We strive to change the future of energy usage with our smart vision technology that utilizes energy-efficient LED drivers. Our commitment to quality is unrivaled, as we offer the highest quality products in PAN India. We are committed to continuing our research in production while striving for excellence in order to provide the best solutions, systems, and values for the space around us.

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